Inflammation Factors for Good Health

What is inflammation?

Inflammation following strenuous exercise is the human body’s initial attempt at healing itself; it is a fundamentally protective process. Resolution of inflammation is a necessary step for maintaining tissue health. Scientific evidence suggests inflammation-mediated changes to brain tissues may affect memory, focus and learning.

How can I reduce inflammation?

Whereas ice and compression can aid tissues that visibly display the redness and swelling can be perpetuated through factors related to the body’s internal biochemistry. (Muldoon, 2014). Fortunately, there are plant-derived substances that have been shown to aid the body’s natural inflammatory process.

How does curcumin work?

Curcumin is a derivative of the spice turmeric. Its yellowish-gold pigment gives many curry dished their characteristic color. The majority of research suggests that curcumin is a potent inhibitor of a master controller of cellular inflammation called NF-kB. Amazingly, curcumin also protects tissues by acting as a potent anti-oxidant. It’s this duality of functions that may make curcumin an ideal supplement to aid the body’s natural inflammatory response.

Omega Factors for Good Health

What are Fatty Acids?

Healthy fats in our diet are essential for good health. They aid in energy production, the structure of our cells[AP1] , and the production of hormone-like substances involved in inflammation regulation. Three main types of fats are saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated. The human body cannot produce polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) and must obtain them from food. There are two families of PUFAs: omega-3 (n−3) and omega-6 (n−6) fatty acids. The main dietary sources of omega-3 fatty acids are fatty fish and plant oils. Most omega-6 fats are obtained through animal fats and refined oils found in packaged goods. Whereas omega-6 PUFAs tend to promote and perpetuate inflammation, omega-3 PUFAs are involved in inflammation reduction and resolution.

Why supplement with omega-3 rich fish oil?

Both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain. It has been shown that the brain content of omega-3 vs. omega-6 fatty acids parallels dietary intake (). The standard American diet contains at least four times greater excess of omega-6 fats at the expense of omega-3 fats (Haag, 2003). Further scientific evidence suggests adequate omega-3 intake helps promote healthy brain development.

Antioxidant Factors for Good Health

What is oxidation?

Many processes, such as generating energy, create potentially damaging reactive by-products within the human body. The human body is reliant upon antioxidants obtained through dietary means and generated within in order to protect it from these reactive by-products. When there is an insufficient antioxidant capacity or high amounts of reactive-by products created, the cellular membranes, proteins, and DNA that are integral to tissue survival can become damaged. Antioxidants help reduce the overload of reactive by products which can affect tissue health. Inflammation can result in reactive by-products that are linked to cognitive function.

Why supplement with anti-oxidants?

Supplementation with certain antioxidants can actually increase they body’s production of its own antioxidants. Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is one of these antioxidants made by the body and dietary supplementation with ALA has been shown to increase the body’s natural production of this molecule (). In this way, it is a most powerful antioxidant. It is found in every cell and it helps turn glucose into energy. Whereas other antioxidants work only in water (such as vitamin C) or fatty tissues (such as vitamin E), ALA is both fat and water-soluble. Antioxidants such as vitamin C are used up as they attack free radicals but evidence suggests that alpha-lipoic acid may help regenerate other antioxidants() .

The recommendations of rest and aspirin are not enough.

Use extra-strength inflammation support nutrients
that have shown results in case studies.

Choose Brain Function Formulations
That Doctors and Pharmacists Choose

Impact Support Formula Inflammation Factor
Inflammation Factor

“Inflammation Factor.” That says it all when it comes to supporting the health of your brain and nerve tissue, and not just your joints.

Inflammation Factor has a blend of turmeric (a plant of the ginger family), rosemary (a herb) and calcium to help give your brain and nerve tissue support. 

  • Promotes a healthy inflammation response
  • Contains turmeric standardized to 95°/o as cur­cumin-the most studied component of turmeric.
  • Provides 35 mg of rosemary extract - standard­ized to contain at least 40°/o ursolic acid.
  • Curcumin and rosemary provide all-natural in­flammation and antioxidant support.
  • Serving size is 1 tablet • Contains calcium phosphate for improved ab­sorption.
  • Guaranteed potency and purity. GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) Certified.
Impact Support Formula Omega Factor
Omega Factor

There are many health benefits of fish oil. Your brain's ... Omega Factor is a highly concentrated fish oil softgel containing more than twice as much eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) as standard fish oil products.

  • EPAX® fish oil, the most clinically documented fish oil in the world
  • 1400 mg highly concentrated fish oil softgel
  • Each softgel contains a minimum of 448 mg EPA, 308 mg DHA, and 154 mg other omega-3s 
  • Natural lemon oil flavor
  • Molecularly distilled and tested for pesticides, PCBs and heavy metals
  • Includes natural IPP non-GMO mixed tocopherols for additional antioxidant protection of the fats
  • EPAX® fish oil is certified by Friend of the Sea (FOS) for compliance with sustainable operations, from fish harvesting to finished omega-3 concentrates
Impact Support Formula Antioxidant Factor
Antioxidant Factor

If you've done your homework, you know the health benefits of antioxidants, along with inflammation support.

Think of the joints. Now think of the vital brain!

  • Alpha-lipoic acid is used in Antioxidant Factor because of its ability to easily pass into the brain and nerve tissue
  • 300mg extra-strength antioxidant alpha-lipoic
  • Serving size is only 1 capsule
  • Guaranteed potency and purity. GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) Certified

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